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Mom's Handmade Hamburgers

Time: 45 minutes
Number Served: 10 - 15

Rating: 10.0
1 review
Submitter: Sarah

It's the butcher versus the baker when making these tasty burgers.


3 pounds ground beef
10 slices bread
4 large eggs
5 dashes meat seasoning
5 dashes onion powder
1 package wax paper


Put ground beef in a large mixing bowl.

Wet bread with cool water and squeeze excess water out.

Add wet bread, eggs, meat seasoning, and onion powder to ground beef in bowl.

Knead with hands until completely mixed.

Seperate mixture into small handfulls and shape into hamburgers.

Place hamburgers on wax paper.

Set aside hamburgers to be grilled.

Place the remainder into a ziploc and freeze immediatley.

Grill hamburgers until cooked throuhout.
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