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Mom's Handmade Hamburgers Rating: 10.0
It's the butcher versus the baker when making these tasty burgers.
Added: 12.03.2003 Meats
Sausage Gravy Rating: 0.0
A southern classic
Added: 12.04.2003 Meats
Maryland Fried Chicken Rating: 10.0
Sure to have you headed up north to enjoy a crispy, seasoned fried chicken.
Added: 12.04.2003 Meats
Fritatta Rating: 5.0
An omelet variation with a great melted cheese crust.
Added: 12.04.2003 Meats
Cashew Chicken Rating: 0.0
This Chinese restaurant staple gets a lot of its sky-high fat content from oil. In this recipe, it is lightened significantly but kept all of its flavor and crunch.
Added: 06.08.2006 Meats

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